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About Us

Why Choose Children's Dentistry of Knoxville?

The Doctors - Pediatric and General Dentist in Knoxville, Maryland and Oak Ridge, TNHaving both a pediatric dentist and a general dentist who has limited his practice to children and adolescents makes our practice a great fit for children of all ages. Our practice is intended to meet the ever changing needs of our growing patients. As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Phillips focuses his care on children from ages 1 through age 6. As children start developing more permanent teeth, their needs will begin to change and it’s an ideal time to transition their care to Dr. Britton. As a general dentist limited to children and adolescents, Dr Britton will guide your child through this period of “mixed dentition” (having some permanent teeth and some baby teeth) with a focus on teaching proper hygiene and care of permanent teeth.

OUR DENTISTS are the heart of our practice. Dr Phillips and Dr Britton love being dentists and working with children. Friends since dental school, they came to realize how complimentary their skills were and set out to develop a practice that could meet children's dental needs from infancy through adolescence. You can read more about Dr Phillips and Dr Britton here.

Tree in Our Office - Pediatric Dentist in Knoxville, Maryville and Oak Ridge, TNOUR FACILITY is designed for children, not adults. Most dental offices look offices. When you come come through our front door, you will know right away that this is not your typical dental office. This a place kids want to come because it’s a fun place to visit! Our waiting area has a fun and interactive play area for little ones, along with video games and movie room for the bigger kids. Dr Phillips' clinical area is highly themed for our younger patients, while Dr Britton's clinical area continues our safari theme, but it's more mature and tech savvy. Check out our facility.

OUR COMMITMENT to you is to provide your child with the highest quality dental care.  We trust you will find the atmosphere child-oriented, the staff friendly, and our service exceptional.

OUR TEAM is amazing!  We specifically choose each of our staff members for their friendliness and ability to build relationships with children. Not every person was born to interact with children all day - but we were!


For more about what makes the experience in office unique, see our Just for Kids section.


Meet Our Doctors

Get to know Dr. Phillips...

Dr. Darryl Phillips - Pediatric Dentist in Knoxville, Maryville and Oak Ridge, TNWe all know that our lives have meaning and purpose, but I am fortunate enough to be reminded of this by the children and parents I interact with every day. It gives me great joy to know that my incredible staff and I are able to significantly impact the lives of children by showing them love, making them smile, and by helping them become patients who do not have a fear of dentistry.

There is nothing better than seeing the excitement that a child shows because they are proud of themselves for being a "big boy" or "big girl" during their dental visit. Building relationships with my patients is one of the best parts of my job, especially when patients are so happy to see me that they run up and give me a big hug! To me, this is the highest compliment I can receive - children who can 't wait to come back!

Background and Education

Dr. Darryl Phillips ( "Dr. Darryl") has been practicing dentistry in Knoxville since 2006. He is originally from Clinton, TN and graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Biology from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Dr. Phillips attended dental school at The University of Tennessee College of Dentistry in Memphis from 2000 - 2004. After dental school, Dr. Phillips completed an additional two year residency program to specialize in pediatric dentistry at UT Memphis. During his pediatric dental residency he received extensive clinical, emergency, and surgical training at LeBonheur Children 's Hospital and Crittendon Memorial Hospital. Dr. Phillips 's favorite part of his residency was treating children from all over the world at St. Jude Children 's Research Hospital.

Dr. Phillips is passionate about dentistry for children. He has a specialty license to practice pediatric dentistry in Tennessee and he is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), and the Tennessee Dental Association (TDA).

When Dr. Phillips isn 't taking care of kid 's teeth, he enjoys water-skiing and wakeboarding on Norris Lake. He is an enthusiastic UT fan (Go Vols!) and he also likes hiking in the Smokies, playing golf, and snow skiing with Dr. Britton. Dr. Phillips is happily married to his wife, Jennifer, who is a certified public account and works with him in the practice. They enjoy traveling together, being at the lake, and spending time with family and friends.


Get to know Dr. Britton...

Dr. Britton - General Dentist in Knoxville, Maryville and Oak Ridge, TNMany times to get to those things or places we are most passionate about we have to think outside the box. When I began practicing dentistry I worked with adult patients, many of whom required significant dental treatment. I was dismayed to see my patients in such difficult circumstances, knowing that many times conditions could have been prevented if only they’d taken the proper steps to care for their teeth. In time it became clear that my passion was for prevention. Ultimately I realized that working with children and getting them off to the right start, giving them tools for healthy teeth for a lifetime, would be the foundation for where my career was heading.

I determined that focusing on education of older children and adolescents was the key to prevention. Good habits have to be developed at this age for a lifetime of good oral health. I felt that I could fill a niche in dentistry by focusing my practice on teaching children in this age group the importance of preventing problems before they ever start. In 2012, I decided to limit my practice to children and adolescents and I’ve never been happier. Whether it is helping kids to understand the ramifications of not taking care of their permanent teeth, motivating them with flossing ideas, or completing any necessary treatment I will be doing it with complete conviction that it is for the long term benefit of your child. Working with kids is what I was made for. I can't wait to work with yours and we're going to have a blast along the way!

Background and Education

Dr. Mark Britton (“Dr. B”) began practicing dentistry in Knoxville in 2004. He is originally from Madisonville, TN and graduated from Hiwassee College. During his freshman year of college, Dr. Britton had orthognathic (jaw) surgery. The extensive surgery resulted in a close relationship with his orthodontist, Dr Mickey Crowell. As an undergraduate, Dr. Britton was fortunate to work in Dr. Crowell’s office and the experience eventually led him to dental school. Dr. Britton attended dental school at The University of Tennessee College of Dentistry in Memphis from 2000 – 2004.

After graduation, Dr. Britton completed extensive training in cosmetic dental restorations and pulpal therapy (root canals) at The Las Vegas Institute and The Scottsdale Center for Advanced Dental Studies. In addition, when Dr. Britton decided to limit his practice to children and adolescents, he completed a pediatric dental mini-residency at the University of Florida's dental school.

Dr. Britton and his wife, Summer, have 4 beautiful children - 1 boy and 3 girls! Dr Britton is a HUGE Vol fan and he keeps our office up to date on Tennessee’s football and basketball news as well as our top recruiting prospects. Dr Britton enjoys playing soccer, snow skiing with Dr Darryl and fishing on the Tellico River.

Get to know Dr. Moore...

Dr. Moore - General Dentist in Knoxville, Maryville and Oak Ridge, TNDr Mary Helen Moore is a general dentist and she is married to Dr Rick Moore who is an endodontist in Farragut. They have two children, Joseph and Ashley Kate, who were some of Dr Darryl’s 1st patients when the practice opened in 2006. We couldn’t be happier to have Dr Mary Helen join our team beginning July 2013!

Your child may get to meet Dr Mary Helen during their 6 month hygiene appointment on days that either Dr Phillips or Dr Britton aren’t in the office. We are so excited to have Dr Mary Helen join our practice on an as needed basis whenever Dr Phillips are Dr Britton out of the office for vacations, soccer tournaments, ski trips…or any other adventures that call them away from their patients.

With Dr Moore as part of our team, it is our hope is to ensure your child continues to receive timely and uninterrupted care throughout the year. We are so pleased for Dr Mary Helen to be part of our practice and to help us provide the best possible continued care for your children.


Dentistry for Infants & Young Children

Pediatric dentists are the pediatricians of dentistry. Just as Pediatricians specialize in your child’s medical needs, we specialize in dentistry for children.

Pediatric Dentistry is one of nine recognized dental specialties of the American Dental Association. As a pediatric dentist Dr Phillips is a specialist in the field of dentistry dealing with the oral healthcare of children, from infancy through the teenage years. Dr Phillips completed two years of additional specialized training (after the required four years of dental school) to prepare for treating a wide variety of children's dental problems, including those who require dental surgery in a hospital setting while patients are under general anesthesia.

Your child will begin getting primary or "baby" teeth between 6 and 12 months of age. Teeth will continue to come in until your child is three-years-old. When your child has completed teething, they will be the proud owner of 20 beautiful teeth!

Many people wonder why baby teeth are important since they’ll eventually be replaced by permanent teeth. Primary or “baby” teeth are important for many reasons. Not only do they help children speak clearly, and chew naturally, they also aid in forming a path that permanent teeth can follow when they are ready to erupt. Children keep some baby teeth up to age 12!

Untreated tooth decay can lead to pain, fever, abscess, infection, and premature loss of the tooth. If baby teeth are extracted prematurely significant crowding and space loss for the permanent teeth can occur. Additionally, facial appearance will be affected by tooth loss, and unsightly teeth may cause embarrassment for your child. Whether your child has 1 tooth or 20, we are here to help!

Our office follows the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s (“AAPD”) recommendation that your child’s first appointment be scheduled at age 1. What we'll do at your child's first visit is look for any signs and symptoms of oral issues and arm you with even more information on how to keep your little one's teeth healthy.

Learn more about our new patient appointments here.


Dentistry for Children & Adolescents

IPods, video games, boyfriends, girlfriends and...teeth? Oral health may be the last thing on your child’s mind, but it is important to make it a priority so that good habits are established for adulthood.

At Children’s Dentistry of Knoxville we want to make sure that every child learns how to properly care for their teeth and gums. As children start getting their permanent teeth it is essential that they understand the importance of having a healthy mouth for a lifetime. If your child has been a patient in our office since an early age, then you have seen Dr Phillips and his staff working with your child to build a strong foundation for good oral health.

And, as your child gets older, Dr Britton and his staff will focus on helping your child understand the importance of caring for their new permanent teeth. There are no more 2nd chances! These are the teeth they’ll have for a lifetime. Helping your child understand the importance of this concept will be continually emphasized during visits with Dr Britton. Dr Britton is able to relate to kids in an understandable and entertaining way. He'll make sure they understand the importance of brushing and flossing, and he will make sure that they know how to maintain those post-braces smiles forever.


This is the name of the game when it comes to dental care. During your child’s appointments we will discuss steps to help prevent problems before they occur. Your child should take note of the behaviors and habits that can harm their teeth and gums and avoid them at all costs.

Junk Food

Children are eating on-the-go now more than ever. As a result, many of the things that they eat and drink are not always the healthiest options.

Coke and other soft drinks usually present one of the biggest issues when it comes to oral health. If your child is drinking more soda than water, then they are at risk for significant decay. If your child can't function without soda, it's recommended that a straw be used to avoid direct contact with teeth. When water is consumed after sipping soda it helps rinse the teeth and reduces the risk of cavities.

It's hard to keep a growing teen away from junk food, but it's important for good oral health to try and do so. Following the Food Guide Pyramid and avoiding the sweets at the top is a major key to having a smile that is healthy. Swapping sweet snacks for better choices like fruit, veggies, yogurt and cheese protects a child’s pearly whites, and establishes great habits for a lifetime.


Stress from school can lead to grinding or clenching of the teeth. Sometimes teens aren't even aware that they are doing it in their sleep. If bruxism (grinding) during sleep is suspected, it's important for your teen to see the dentist and get fitted for a night guard.


If your child is active in sports, mouth guards should also be worn during play to minimize the risk of chipping teeth or other serious types of oral trauma. Prepare your child by wearing a mouthguard and their teeth will have a much better chance of being protected from unwanted injury. Trauma to the mouth could result in root or bone damage, and the outcomes of an unexpected injury could last a lifetime.


Some teens are fond of piercings around the mouth, but they should be conscious of the fact that they may be sacrificing their oral health if they choose to do so. Oral piercings can chip teeth just through regular use of the mouth (even by talking!). Breathing can be restricted, and infections and clots are also possible.